Song Highlight: Tsunami

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Tsunami is the third track from the EP Aftermath. The song starts out quietly with some acoustic guitar work, and slowly builds to a massive sound with many layers of electric guitars, vocals, and drum. The song is available now on iTunes and Amazon mp3. 

This song was the first of the 4 that I wrote for the EP, and it was written shortly after going through a really big change in my life which included leaving behind a number of close relationships. I always turn to my music to cope, and in this case there was so much change washing over me and endlessly pounding at me. I was feeling so overwhelmed with all of that change and trying to come to terms with what my future was going to be like. The song also marks an important milestone for me as a songwriter – I feel like with this song I really became comfortable in my skin as an artist and brought my craft to a new level. In many ways this song was the birth of The Lacuna Brotherhood. I remember sitting alone in my apartment the night that all of the pieces of the song really came together as a consistent whole – it was a really great feeling. It is my personal favorite on the record.

This song was a slog in the studio. The very first day I laid down the tracks, and over the course of many months it was torn apart and reassembled, retracked, overdubbed, and spliced. On more than one occasion I came into the studio and said to the engineers, ‘You are going to hate me, but…’ and proceeded to break the news that we had to re-do a lot of what we had already done. Part of it was me cutting my teeth to the recording process, and part of it was just how the song began to develop such an epic sound to it – and at each turn the song would just beg for something new. It really took on a life of its own.

Song Details

Time: 5:19

BPM: 145.2 BPM

Credits: Written by Ben Fellows, Vocals, and Guitars by Ben Fellows, Drums by Dave Miller, Produced by Ben Fellows and Shawn Palmer, Recorded by Shawn Palmer and Micah Lundy, Mixed by Micah Lundy at Spin and Swirl Studios, Mastered by Gus Skinas.


Stuck in this place, 
Trying to replace
My warm embrace,
And blunt my disgrace.
So I turn my face.
A tender carapace
Is all I have to brace
Against your verbal mace.

And I get no rest
from this my biggest test!
And I’ve fallen from the nest;
But I digress…
My only interest
Is time enough to digest
This fear within my breast
At the wave upon its crest!

Song Highlight – Taboo

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Taboo, the first track from the EP Aftermath, is a heavy and moody rock song, and is available now on iTunes and Amazon mp3. The foundation of the song is an acoustic guitar riff that quickly is overpowered by driving and grungy electric guitars with deliberate bass and percussion. A heavy distorted and flanged guitar solo hearkens to the days of Nirvana, but has a fresh modern and independent feel. Preview the song on Soundcloud by clicking here.

I wrote the song several years ago after going through some dark times, and felt like I was all alone in the world despite the friends and family that surrounded me. I think that a lot of people go through that feeling at some point in their lives, where you feel like you are suddenly radically different or a pariah — maybe after a breakup, or a choice that you made — but at the same time you are still human and connected to everyone else in your life. You are taboo, but you are the same as them, and they can’t see it necessarily so they judge you. Its a strange place to be in, but I think it is pretty common in the human experience.

It has been interesting to hear the reaction from people who listen to this song – its a little dark, slow, and grungy, but the acoustic guitar and some of the effects make it sound just a little different. Micah and I had a blast mixing this in the studio – the song really came to life in the mixing and mastering process.

Song Details

Time: 5:31


Credits: Written by Ben Fellows, Vocals, and Guitars by Ben Fellows, Drums by Dave Miller, Produced by Ben Fellows, Recorded by Shawn Palmer and Micah Lundy, Mixed by Micah Lundy at Spin and Swirl Studios, Mastered by Gus Skinas.


am a hole
and I
am not full
lost control
and I
feel null
And I’m not you
and I’ll be your taboo
am nude
and I
am tatoo’d
await abuse
‘cuz it’s no use
I’m not you,
and I’ll be your taboo.
And I’m not you.
And I am taboo.
am your whore
and I
am your sore
what you deplore
and I’m what you ignore
I am you.
And I am taboo.

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