These are organizations, groups, bands, that we support or have done business with, and heartily recommend.

Christopher J Bloom (Producer/Mixer/Engineer)

Chris is an incredible producer and mastering and mixing engineer who has been working in the music industry for many years. Chris was vital in helping the band realize it’s latest album, Vection, for which he did all of the engineering, mixing, mastering, and most importantly producing the music by providing an expert ear and guidance with artistic decisions. Check out his website at

Dave Miller (Drummer)

Dave has been drumming for the band since 2014. He also is a DJ, and an all around phenomenal musician. In addition to working with The Lacuna Brotherhood, he leads the band The Orchid Set, and is involved with the band Cure For Pain. He also teaches private lessons and at a rock school in the Denver area, Band Dynamics.

Spin and Swirl Studios (Shawn Palmer and Micah Lundy)

The Lacuna Brotherhood recorded and mixed the Aftermath EP at Spin and Swirl Studios in Littleton, CO. Shawn Palmer runs the studio with Micah Lundy and they have been really great to us. Shawn and Micah hail from Zebra Junction fame, and have a keen ear for good music and are always looking to build connections with the local Denver music scene. Micah did all of the mixing and is a brilliant engineer with an incredible ear and imagination for what is possible with recorded music.

Olivia Langford (Photographer)

Olivia is an amazing photographer and a great friend. She did all the photography for VectionAftermath and this website. You can reach her at 720-275-9141 or send her an email at

Megan Bethurem (Graphic Design)

Megan is an amazing graphic designer, and helped us with the album liner notes for both VectionAftermath and all of the graphic design on this site. Check out her website at, and you can reach her at