Updates and the new album

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Hey TLB fans, so some of you may have been wondering what we have been up to these last few months. The band has been pulled in a number of directions working on various projects, both musical and non-musical – and we weren’t able to put together the shows that we were hoping to this summer. However, the music and creativity has not ceased, and we have a huge backlog of material, not to mention pent up energy to get back to The Lacuna Brotherhood.

This last week, I went back to the studio with our friends at Spin and Swirl and the initial tracks have been recorded for what will be the next album. The plan is to get our new stuff recorded this winter, and hopefully have something for you by early 2015. There is definitely enough material for a full length album this time – and the songs continue to get better and better – I am really excited about this next phase! Stay tuned for updates, and we will let you know how things develop.

Quick plug – Dave is going to be playing tomorrow evening with his band The Orchid Set at 8pm at Quixote’s True Blue in Denver. It’s a great act and you should check it out!

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