Song Highlight: Solitary Man

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Solitary Man is the second track from the EP Aftermath. The song is a mellow and brooding ballad, and is available now on iTunes and Amazon mp3. The song is bare compared to the other songs on the EP, featuring acoustic guitar, tabla drums, and a simple vocal melody which exposes the raw emotion of the song. Preview the song on Soundcloud by clicking here.

The song is obviously a breakup song, I had come out of a really intense relationship and was really exploring a lot of my emotions. Including my internal guilt over how it ended, the blame that was being leveled in both directions and reconciling that with the great memories–and yet trying to move forward on my own and get my life moving again. It is a very personal song.

This song came together in only about 2 hours in the studio – it was really remarkable. I had originally intended this to be a more upbeat song with a full band and electric guitars, but once we laid down the acoustic guitar and the vocals it was just magic–the song works so well when it is bare like it is. Dave brought his tabla drums in and it added so much, and after that 90% of the song was done and it took just some minor tweaking in the studio.

Song Details

Time: 4:41

BPM: 130 BPM

Credits: Written by Ben Fellows, Vocals, and Guitars by Ben Fellows, Tabla by Dave Miller, Produced by Ben Fellows, Recorded by Shawn Palmer and Micah Lundy, Mixed by Micah Lundy at Spin and Swirl Studios, Mastered by Gus Skinas.


I know that you won’t forgive me,
even though I think you know you should.
‘Cuz after all the times you shoved me,
I stopped stepping back from where I stood.

I still feel your countenance,
but even now the image blurs.
In your wake I seek forgiveness
from a wounded ego that is impure.

I follow my intuition
from the black place in my soul.
I invent my superstition
and grant myself illusion of control.

I’m a solitary man,
I’m doing the best I can.
And I don’t know all I should, but I’ve heard
that I’m not the only man
whose living his life underneath a ban.
Anyway I’ve done all that I could.
And I’m a solitary man.

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